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NanoThings NanoTag Real Time

NanoThings NanoTag Real Time

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Evaluation kit*

The NanoTag is a miniature, cost-effective LoRaWAN® device that features a pharmaceutical-grade temperature sensor and GPS-less location tracking, powered by the customizable NanoThings Real-Time protocol and compatible with various network servers and software applications.

NanoThings NanoTag Real Time

The Real-Time NanoTag is the world's smallest and lowest cost LoRaWAN® temperature sensing and location tracking device. All NanoTag versions feature a pharmaceutical-grade temperature sensor and can support any cloud-based location sensing logic to provide accurate GPS-less location tracking.

Real-Time NanoTags are powered by the NanoThings Real-Time protocol, which includes custom sample and transmit configurability, store and forward, battery drain mode, and more. NanoTags can be provisioned to any network server (eg: Helium, The Things Network or ThingsIX) and software application.

Key Features

  • 2,000 rolling temperature sample store and forward memory
  • Buttonless activation technology - guarantees proper activation and simplifies use
  • Airtight encapsulation - protects against water, snow, and dirt
  • Label-like form factor - allows for easy application to virtually any surface
  • Ultra long range - up to 10 miles line of sight
  • GPS-less location tracking
  • Operating range between -31°F to 160°F
  • 92 x 129 x 1.5 mm

Additional Documentation

Download Datasheet

NanoTag FAQ

Battery Life Estimator 

Configuration Response Downlink Encoder - This tool can be used to generate downlink payloads to reconfigure the NanoTag's Record and Report periods 

Uplink/Downlink Payload Decoder - This tool can be used to decode NanoTag uplink and downlink payloads for demonstration and debugging purposes

This NanoTag Real Time Evaluation Kit is intended for use for ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT, DEMONSTRATION, OR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY and is not considered by Hexaspot to be a finished end-product fit for general consumer use. Persons handling the product(s) must have electronics training and observe good engineering practice standards. As such, the goods being provided are not complete in terms of required design-, marketing-, and/or manufacturing-related protective considerations, including product safety and environmental measures typically found in end products that incorporate such components or circuit boards. This evaluation kit does not fall within the scope of the European Union directives regarding electromagnetic compatibility, restricted substances (RoHS), recycling (WEEE), CE, or UL, and therefore may not meet the technical requirements of these directives or other related directives. The product is FCC-certified.
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