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GLAMOS Walker - Helium & LoRaWAN Testing device

GLAMOS Walker - Helium & LoRaWAN Testing device

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The GLAMOS Walker is the most advanced Helium & LoRaWAN testing tool and all you need to make one step forward with LoRaWAN. Helps with setting up hotspots, testing locations/antennas and doing coverage mapping.

GLAMOS Walker - Helium & LoRaWAN Testing Device

Glamos Walker is a portable device that allows testing of the LoRaWAN network (LoRaWAN field test device). Allows you to send, receive and instantly view radio packets/messages.

The user can change all parameters relevant to the network quality through the on-screen menu.

Walker also has a GPS module that allows instant positioning, thus mapping the network itself.

It helps to decide on the best placement of gateways and devices relative to each other.

All data on your hand

With the integration of the Walker device on the Walk App server (HTTP POST integration), the user is able to view all the data about the sent message on the screen of the device, but also within the Walk App. This includes sending time, counter, frequency, spreading factor (SF), bandwidth, coding rate, GPS coordinates, name of all base stations that received the message along with the corresponding RSSI and SNR values. The device will calculate the Packet error rate for you.

Real-time monitoring

If the Walker has access to the Wi-Fi network (or smartphone hotspot) during operation, it will display the names of all gateways that received the message, together with the corresponding RSSI and SNR values. This feature is an ideal way for the user to see network quality in real-time not only based on signal quality but also based on the overlap of multiple gateways.

Example: You send a message on the desired SF, and on the screen, you will get information about exactly which base stations received the message and with what signal strength.

Use cases

  • Optimization of location for devices – know where to set up devices in advance
  • Optimization of location for gateways – know how good of a performance your gateway and its location have
  • Network coverage testing – map your network (you can create a map to know what area your hotspot, or some other, is covering with signal)
  • Signal quality (RSSI and SNR)
  • Indoor testing – find out how buildings affect your network
  • Testing location for HELIUM hotspot placement (you are able to see how many hotspots you can see from some locations, or do you see any, before setting up your hotspot)
  • Analytics for Proof of Coverage (PoC) (in-app you can see if you have valid PoC from location)
  • Signal quality testing (RSSI and SNR) – you can see how good the signal is because that is important for PoC and mining
  • Testing with different antennas to find the best fit – 3 antennas included (every device and hotspot has a different antenna, so you can test them to get the best signal for communication or to find a golden point for mining)
  • Visualisation of all data in-app (all data are stored in Walk App so you can see them on the map and analyze it later
  • Get a list of hotspots in range on screen of device or in app
  • LEARNING about LoRaWAN (using GLAMOS Walker you will learn how LoRaWAN and RF work. Best way to improve knowledge from theory is to make practical tests)

Configurable parameters

User can change all parameters directly on the device, no need for reprogramming on the computer. That includes:

  • Spreading factor
  • Spreading factor on RX2 slot (SF9 or SF12)
  • Multi-channel or single channel (if you suspect some channel is not working properly)
  • Sending geolocation in message or not
  • Setting up Wi-Fi parameters
  • Send confirmed/unconfirmed messages

Different modes for testing

To speed up testing there are many different modes of work:

  • Send on one SF (configure it easily on-screen)
  • Send on even SFs (analyse the quality of network on SF8, SF10 and SF12)
  • Send on odd SFs (analyse the quality of network on SF7, SF9 and SF11)
  • Send on all SFs (analyse the quality of network on all SFs at once)
  • Send a few messages in a row to get an average RSSI
  • Send with period on same SF (possible to use as GPS tracker also)

Technical specifications

Communication LoRaWAN (can be integrated into any network), WiFi
Battery 3000mAh, rechargeable
Autonomy up to 48h
Weight 110g (without antenna)
Dimensions 110x65x20mm
Conditions -10°C – 70°C
LoRa mode OTAA, ABP, Class A
LoRa frequency 8 channels (EU868, US915, AS923, AU915)
LoRaWAN servers Helium, TTN, Loriot, Actility, Kerlink, etc
RF connector on the device SMA – female, RP-SMA female adapter in the package
Sensors GPS (precision <2.5m in outdoor)
Display 1.3″, wide-angle (170°), 65K
Package includes 1x Glamos Walker
1x Antenna 2.15dBi, 21cm
1x Antenna 1dBi, 10cm
1x Antenna 0dBi, 5cm
1x USB cable for charging
1x Hard case bag
1x SMA male to RP-SMA female
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