Build a Global Weather Network with IoT and Web3

Harness IoT and Web3 with WeatherXM for a Sustainable, Community-Driven Weather Station Network and earn $WXM crypto.

WeatherXM station in a city landscape

What is WeatherXM Network?

The WeatherXM Network is a community-powered weather network that rewards weather station owners and provides accurate, hyper-local weather data to Web2 and Web3 enterprises.

As part of the DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) movement, Web3 technology is leveraged to build and maintain infrastructure in the physical world.

Join the 5000+ live stations

Join the world’s largest blockchain-enabled decentralized infrastructure weather network.

WS2000 Weather Station

The WS2000 is the all-in-one and autonomous weather station that connects to a near by Helium-LoRaWAN gateway. The Weather Station measures Temperature, Humidity, Solar radiation, Air Pressure, Wind speed + direction and Precipitation.

Get yours today and start earning $WXM tokens for contributing device data to the Network. 

WS2000 weatherstation with details

Getting started mining $WXM is as 

easy as 1, 2, 3.

A weatherxm weather station in the mountains

1. Get your WS2000 Weather Station

After receiving your WS2000 Helium LoRaWAN Weather Station it's only a 10-20-minute initial install to get started. View installation instructions →

A map displaying weatherxm stations

2. Contribute your weather data

After setting up your weather station you you will start to share your local weather data with the WeatherXM Network. You can view your and other weather stations on the WeatherXM Explorer.

weatherxm token

3. Earn $WXM Tokens

After you install your WS2000 Weather Station you will start earning the $WXM token for providing valuable weather information.

Image illustrating $WXM Tokenomics

$WXM enables the WeatherXM ecosystem

Every GEODNET Satellite Miner plays a vital role in enhancing geolocation services by providing validated, multi-band RTK data. Our unique tokenomics model uses 80% of network revenue to reward these contributions through a buy-back and burn strategy, ensuring continuous value for your participation.

Ready to join the WeatherXM revolution?


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The WS2000 is an all-in-one, autonomous weather station that seamlessly connects to a nearby Helium-LoRaWAN gateway. This weather station offers a unique opportunity to earn $WXM tokens by contributing valuable weather data to the WeatherXM network.

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