Unlock the Power of Precision with GEODNET

Experience the next revolution in real-time geolocation and earth observation technology powered by blockchain.

Geodnet mining base-station and antenna

Global Real-Time Kinematics Network (RTK)

GEODNET is pioneering the world’s largest RTK network, leveraging the power of blockchain and decentralized principles. With over 5,600 active miners across 135 countries, GEODNET provides unmatched precision for applications ranging from autonomous driving to precision agriculture. This global coverage ensures high-quality data, bolstered by the integration of advanced on-device sensors including cameras, LiDAR, and IMUs.

Experience Precision at Scale with GEODNET

Join the world’s largest blockchain-enabled RTK network. Precision location services at your fingertips.

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Revolutionizing Earth Observation

The state-of-the-art MobileCM Space Weather Station, part of GEODNET’s decentralized observation project, is set to transform how we monitor and react to space weather. This low-power, high-efficiency technology is designed to operate anywhere—ideal for both rural and urban settings. Join this innovative venture and earn GEOD tokens by contributing crucial atmospheric data.

A Geodnet antenna on a roof

Getting started mining GEOD is as 

easy as 1, 2, 3.

A geodnet antenna on a roof

1. Get your MoibleCM Base Station

After receiving your MobileCM Base Station it's only a 10-20-minute initial install to get started. Watch installation video →

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2. Install your Antenna

Install your antenna outside as high as possible with a nice clear line of sight to the sky. This promotes good satellite signal thus improving earnings.

Geodnet token

3. Earn GEOD Tokens

After you install your Base Station and antenna well you will start earning the GEOD token for providing valuable coverage.

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Economically Empowering the Contributors

Every GEODNET Satellite Miner plays a vital role in enhancing geolocation services by providing validated, multi-band RTK data. Our unique tokenomics model uses 80% of network revenue to reward these contributions through a buy-back and burn strategy, ensuring continuous value for your participation.

Ready to join the GEODNET revolution?

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