Transform Your Drive with DIMO 

Experience smarter, more efficient driving with the DIMO Macaron. Connect your car, optimize performance, and earn rewards in $DIMO crypto.

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What is DIMO?

DIMO is building a world where technology serves people first. It is an open and user-owned network that connects drivers and their vehicles, providing detailed insights and rewarding users with $DIMO tokens. By leveraging advanced technology and community participation, DIMO transforms how drivers interact with their vehicles, offering smarter, more efficient driving experiences and enabling businesses to offer tailored services through a decentralized platform.

With the DIMO Macaron you can join the DIMO movement. With 3 years of free app and connectivity included, you can save up to €400 compared to similar products.

Join the +95K Connected Cars

Become part of the world’s largest user-owned connected vehicle network.

Transform Your Driving Experience

The DIMO Macaron offers detailed insights into your car’s performance, real-time data monitoring, and AI-driven fault code analysis. Optimize your driving habits, manage maintenance needs, and enjoy a smarter, more efficient ride.

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Getting Started with DIMO Macaron is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Dimo Macaron in car

1. Get Your DIMO Macaron

Order your DIMO Macaron and enjoy a quick 10-20 minute installation process. Simply plug it into your car's OBD2 port and follow the app's step-by-step instructions.

A map displaying Dimo usage in the EU

2. Connect Your Vehicle

Start sharing your vehicle data with the DIMO Network. Monitor your car’s performance and explore other connected vehicles on the DIMO Explorer.

dimo token

3. Earn $DIMO Tokens

Earn $DIMO tokens for providing valuable data. Use these rewards for exclusive offers and discounts in the DIMO Marketplace.

Image illustrating $DIMOTokenomics

$DIMO Powers the DIMO Ecosystem

$DIMO, issued by the DIMO Network Association, fuels the DIMO ecosystem. It is used to govern the network and license vehicle data for commercial use. Vehicle owners earn $DIMO for contributing high-quality data, which helps businesses provide better services.

Ready to join the DIMO movement?


Includes VAT based on your EU country.

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Discover the DIMO Macaron and be rewarded with the DIMO crypto token!

Your key to a smarter, more efficient car journey. This compact OBD2 plug is not just a gadget; it is your personal car assistant that puts the power of advanced technology in your hands.
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