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Heavy Duty Antenna Suction Mount

Heavy Duty Antenna Suction Mount

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Get your antenna up high without drilling holes. Can be mounted on Windows, Tiles & Flat Metal Surfaces. For internal and external use.

Heavy Duty Antenna Suction Mount

Can be mounted on Windows, Tiles & Flat Metal Surfaces.

No Holes or Drilling Required!

Extremely Easy Install.

Suction Pads rated for 60KG of weight.

40cm Stand-Off (Great for clearing Eve’s of buildings)

Excellent wind loading strength.

Thick-walled 38MM diameter tubing.

Compatible with all of our Helium Antenna Range. (7.5dBi, 9dBi, 13dBi not supported. Use at own risk.)

Important Note

Please read this critical note below before installation of this suction Mount product.

It is standard practice to provide a back-up securing system for any Antenna Installation which is made at height where Antenna mount failure could present a critical risk of personal harm to the public from being struck by a falling antenna.

It is therefore a condition of supplying this item and a mandatory condition of use that a back-up lanyard type wire rope or some other suitable sort of securing device is fixed and fitted to this Antenna Mount to secure it at height to mitigate any risk of Suction mount/antenna mount failure and any corresponding risk of injury to the public.

This is for public safety and is there to negate the risk of suction mount failure through changes in temperature or wind loading /vibration.

If the Antenna is mounted in an area where there is any chance of the danger to the public from an Antenna Mount failure, a securing device/restraint must be provided.

We accept no liability in the event of failure of this suction mount product. It is the responsibility of the customer/installer/user to provide a restraining device to mitigate any risk to the public of the Antenna mount failing and any risk to the public from a failing antenna.

Should you be unable or unwilling to provide this back up safety securing device to this product, please return this product to us for a full refund.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Teun Zweers
Bad item

the suction itself may hold 60kg but the montage system didnt even hold less than 10kg worth of equipment, its a nice item if you want to hang a single antenna, but wont hold a extender.

sava mitradzhiev

I mounted my 9dbi (1.6m/3.0kg) antenna on this suction mount. Keep in mind that for an antenna of these dimensions it will be better to use the mount 90 degrees off the way it is shown on the picture. Also the place where you will secure the pole to the suction mount is actually a handle and more to the point it is hollow inside - overtightening may brake/crack it. Find a way to secure the whole assembly additionally it may fall - after all it will be exposed to weather.

Zouhair Mzaita
Does it's job

Does what it's supposed to do. Price on the high side.

Sander Verhoeven
Works fine

This antenna mount works fine. I used it in combination with a low-loss window passtrough cable and saw my earning double up compared to in-house. Sorry for the bad quality image.

In my personal opinion, it is way overprice, but I didn't trust myself in putting a similar mount together myself, so I just spent the money on this one.

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