How to swap IOT, MOBILE and HNT using

How to swap IOT, MOBILE and HNT using

Before we begin:

You need to have the Black Helium wallet and some Solana tokens Solana to execute the transactions. If you don't have Solana yet or not enough, you can convert some HNT to Solana following this guide:


Now that you've got enough SOL for the transactions, let's talk explain first. (Jupiter Aggregator) is a DeFi platform that combines multiple DEXs (Decentralized Exchange) to find the best route for your selected swap. It will try to find the swapping route that gets you the most worth out of your tokens. Now that we know how works, let's get swappin'!

In this example we're going to swap 100 IOT for some HNT. Instead of IOT you could also swap MOBILE for HNT but also the other way around (so HNT of IOT/MOBILE).

Step 1: Open the black Helium Wallet app.

wallet app


Step 2: Tap the globe icon in the bottom right.

globe icon


Step 3: Tap the link that says "" link


Step 4: On connect click the "Connect" button in the top right to connect your wallet.

connect wallet button


Step 5: Select your Helium wallet.

select wallet


Step 6: Before you connect check if the link at the top is: Click Connect.

connect wallet


Step 7: Tap the first token box to select the token we want to swap from.

first token


Step 8: Search for IOT (or MOBILE depending on what you want to swap) and tap it to select.

select iot


Step 9: Tap the second token box to select the token we want to swap to.

swap to


Step 10: Search for HNT (or any other token you wish to swap to) and tap it to select.

select HNT


Step 11: will now find the best swap rate for you and show the routes it will take. By default the best route is selected. If you wish you can select another route but we recommend using the one provided as best by

Once the best route is selected press Swap.



Step 12: Tap Approve to approve the swap.

approve swap


After approving the website will show that the swap was successful.

swap succesful


Congratulations! You've successfully swapped your tokens using! You can verify that the transaction was successful by returning to the homepage of the Helium Wallet. You can do this by either closing the app and reopening it or exiting the globe icon.

Tap the lightning bolt.



Here you will see the swap transaction.

swap transaction


If go back to the homepage of the Helium Wallet you will also notice that your HNT balance has increased. This increase should reflect the amount of the swap you made.

hnt balance


Parts of this guide are made possible by HeliumDeploy.

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